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Online One-On-One DAT Tutoring Courses

DAT Tutoring Services is devoted to helping students become professional dentists by providing online tutoring services for the DAT. Our tutors are experienced, knowledgeable, and dedicated to ensuring your success

Specializing in DAT Exams

Our tutors have dedicated their lives to helping students pass the DAT Exams. We have spent years researching and tutoring to be leading service providers for the DAT Exams.


Our courses includes strategies, content development, live online tutoring, real practice questions, and much more!!!

DAT Tutoring 

We offer multiple options to meet students' needs. We offer customized courses tailored to individual needs.

Advantages offered by DAT Tutoring Services

​EZ DAT Tutors offer courses to America’s future dentists with more benefits than other tutoring sites. At EZ DAT Tutors, our benefits include:

  • Instructors trained for the DAT exams

  • Flexible scheduling for tutoring sessions

  • Personalized DAT study plans

  • 1:1 DAT tutoring sessions

  • Test-taking strategies

  • Reducing anxiety strategies

  • Very similar exam questions to the DAT Exam

  • DAT content 100% aligned to the real exam

  • Guarantee to pass DAT exams

Unlike any other company, our first and foremost commitment in our tutoring classes is exposing you to recent exam questions and content. This is the reason we stand as the top tutoring provider for the DAT exams. 

Our DAT tutors work around your schedule for tutoring. We know students are busy with school, work, and family, so we make a commitment to be flexible in helping you pass your DAT. Our DAT instructors will work with your schedule throughout the course.

Our DAT tutors are content experts in the subject areas tested on the DAT (biology, chemistry, organic chemistry, reading comprehension, perceptual ability test, and mathematics). However, more importantly, our tutors have years of experience helping students with DAT, so they know the content and questions tested on recent exams.

Our DAT tutors provide a commitment to getting you the best support to reach your DAT scores. Getting the best score on the DAT is of utmost importance for starting your journey to becoming a dentist, and our tutors know the importance of getting the best score on the DAT. Because we devote our time and energy to DAT, our DAT prep tutors commit to working rigorously for you to reach your scores.

Our DAT tutors are experts in working with students who struggle with taking the test or have high anxiety. Moreover, our tutors have helped students with learning needs. We believe everyone seeking to go into dental school can do so with the right and best support. With having over 10 years of experience in tutoring, we know we can support you in doing well on the exam.

Get a Professional DAT Tutor Instead of a College Graduate

When you search for “dat tutors” or “dat classes,” you see many options for getting tutored for the DAT. With the advancement of technology, the Internet is flooded with many tutoring sites that advertise DAT tutoring help. For example, and are sites that advertise many exams, and their tutors do not specialize in the DAT. Many sites online allow anyone with a college degree to start tutoring on their platforms. Here, we are different. We are committed to providing dedicated services for the DAT. At EZ DAT Tutors, you get a DAT professional expert with years of experience prepping students to pass the Dental Admission Test. We are the leading tutors who have helped students across the United States get into the best dental schools.

Real Students Passing DAT With DAT Tutoring Services

My weak area was biology and chemistry. I took these courses years ago in school, so these subjects were giving me trouble. I paid for the 8 weeks course and worked with Devon. He was very organized and very detailed. He provided a lot of resources and gave strategies on how to take the test. With his help and this tutoring course, I was able to get a 22 on the DAT. Mia T. Rutgers School of Dental Medicine, Newark, NJ


Before I did this tutoring class, I did datbooster and Kaplan, and I thought the content was good. However, when I take the test, the questions were too hard. So, I decided to get a dat tutor. First, I wanted a tutor near me, but I could not find one, so I did this tutoring course. The questions I did with my tutor were very hard. There were not exact to the exam, but there were very close, so that helped out to get me the score I needed to get into the University of Mississippi School of Dentistry. Harper J. University of Mississippi School of Dentistry, Jackson, MS

I finished school in 2017 and took a break from academics. However, I aspired to be a dentist, so I decided to pursue this in 2020. I signed up for the 8 weeks course in January 2020, but with Covid and everything, I took a break again. I resume the course in April 2021. I am overall very pleased. I did 2 weeks in Jan 2020. When I resumed, they started all overall again. I have nothing but positive things to say about this dat tutoring program. I got a 23 on my dat, and I highly recommend folks to sign up. Anna G. University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry, Oklahoma City, OK

Studying for many months and then taking the dat exam only to get a 15 is a very disappointing experience. I poured my heart into studying as I wanted to get a good score the first time. I was shocked at my performance. I was down and did not know what to do. I took some time off and decided that I will get a dat tutor. The first pop-up was this program, and I was impressed with everything. I called the number they told me about their approach. I did some more research and felt good with this program. I worked with Sam for 8 weeks. We did a lot of work, and I mean a lot. I followed the program instructions, and I am pleased to report I increased by 4 points. Charlotte S. Oregon Health Sciences University School of Dentistry, Portland, OR


Our success to passing the exam is unmatched to any other company. Moreover, we have a long record of success with the DAT Exam.


I increased my score by 3 points with the help of this dat tutoring course. I can say with 100% that this works.

Faith W. 

Howard University College of Dentistry 

Guarantee to Pass DAT

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