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About DAT Tutoring

About DAT Tutoring Services  

DAT Tutoring Services' commitment is to support individuals in reaching their aspirations of passing the DAT. Delivering quality instruction online, DAT Tutoring Services is a top service provider for DAT test preparation. We are an educational company providing one-on-one online tutoring and test preparation for individuals seeking to pass the DAT. The organization provides online tutoring courses for all subject areas of the DAT. Founded by individuals with a passion for teaching, the organization is committed to helping students succeed with customized, effective, and convenient solutions.


Our team of experts has a full understanding of what it takes to pass the DAT. The tutors have supported first-time test-takers, repeat test-takers, and international students. Over the years, the tutors at DAT Tutoring Services have gained detailed information regarding the DAT, and the team has helped countless students pass the exam.


DAT Tutoring Services is one of the few United States based companies providing services on the updated DAT. Through our virtual whiteboard and chat workspace, we provide an interactive environment to both tutors and students. Our success in helping students is incomparable to other service providers of the exam. Personal one-on-one online instruction has proven to be successful in helping students pass the DAT.


We provide test prep courses that cover the following subject areas:


  • Survey of Natural Sciences

  • Reading Comprehension

  • Quantitative Reasoning

  • Perceptual Ability Test

How we developed our DAT exam courses? 
DAT Tutoring Services has many years of experience with the DAT exams and the changes that are implemented. With years of tutoring, we have gained extensive knowledge on how the exams are developed. Our organization took a systematic approach to developing effective courses for the updated DAT. 

  • We reviewed the standards, domains, competencies, and organized content that directly focuses on the DAT.

  • We have exam questions with two close answers, but really only true right answer.

  • Many of the exam questions on the updated exam will be very wordy, tricky questions, along with analytical thinking questions. We have done the research to provide support related to these exam questions to what is resembled on the official exam.


Why are we the best in the industry to pass DAT? 


Our website is focused on providing support for the DAT exam, and our years of experience in DAT tutoring has positioned our program to be success driven program.

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